Dear Editor:

A friend of mine who walks at night recently told me that while walking down Main Street, he saw a whimsical sight.

A young deer was staring intently into the window of High Country Realty. At the same time, another young deer was staring into the window of Re/Max Realty while a larger deer, presumably its mother, stood not far away.

I can just imagine the young deer hollering at the big one, Hey Mom, heres one with an acreage!

My friend also told me that on his winter walks, he has occasionally seen deer staring into downtown display windows. One was even checking out what was playing at the theatre, and one was eying up the candy selection at Candyland.

Are there any cartoonists out there? Ive been wishing we could have cartoons in The Pioneer about the ongoing deer issue.

Who knows what goes on in downtown Invermere after midnight. Maybe these critters meet for their own meetings. One of the deer in the crowd might say, Have you girls heard what went on at the humans meeting last night? and another would say, I dont wanna know, I just wanna keep on smelling Gerrys cookies.

With due regard for Mr. Nemeths great idea about the experts using horse trailers to tote the captives out to Crown land, please excuse my odd depiction of tote-cartooning:

At first, I saw a horse trailer, doors open to an unlikely passenger, the deers front feet fiercely dug into the ground and being pulled by a lasso around its neck, while behind, humans are hitting its rump with ropes like some people do to load horses.

No matter which side of the deer issue were on, couldnt we use a little humour right about now? Or will we become like the Hatfields and McCoys, the famous dueling families in the U.S.? I feel another cartoon coming on.

No, Invermereites are good folks for the most part, and they will find a solution.

Cartoonists, could you bug the good folks at The Pioneer who publish our letters? Pictures say a thousand words. My thousand is up.

Barb Thorson