Dear Editor:

I wonder if the District of Invermere would consider expanding the mandate of its talented and popular group of gardeners to oversee the setup, planting and growth of vegetable gardens strategically placed on the outskirts of district lands.

These people are already employed by the district. New employment of no income, low income and other individuals to do the work in the gardens with expert supervision and know-how would assist residents of Invermere and surrounding communities with earning a living.

A regular or constant supply of all kinds of vegetables would become available locally to individuals, families and stores. Deer could be allowed to visit a portion of all these gardens, perhaps causing them to move out to areas where they would interfere less with residents in the more populated areas of Invermere.

Deer culls would perhaps not have to be considered, and people would begin to lose their fear and hostility toward the deer. I could see this working for the benefit of all, as things should be.

Mark Pocock, Invermere