Dear Editor:

I am a senior of considerable age and I have enjoyed sports activity all my life.

I live in Radium and am a member of the Seniors Club and enjoy carpet bowling every Thursday and Sunday. We all enjoy the camaraderie and social gathering after the games with coffee and dessert.

We have members from Edgewater and surrounding towns. Some members from Invermere are also coming out every time. We are blessed to have the Seniors Hall to use for free.

The members from Invermere ask us to come and join them for carpet bowling every Monday at 2 p.m. so they can keep their club alive.

I cannot believe that a town like Invermere will not support such a wonderful senior activity as carpet bowling. What I see is a lack of leadership.

You have the use of a wonderful Seniors Hall.

We were told recently that the players from Radium have to have a membership in Invermere in order to play.

Because some Radium players balked at that, now Invermere runs the risk of closing. Please attend. We will be there next Monday.

Arnold Wassing