Dear Editor:

Regarding last weeks (August 9th) editorial by Nicole Trigg, thank you Nicole for all the support and coverage you provide for arts and culture in our valley; it is very much appreciated. This is a very creative and cultural region that offers so much in visual arts, performing arts (music), theatre, written word, culinary and more. And there are so many events to choose from to fill your artistic senses at any given time sometimes too many to choose from!

So, in response of Are We Ready for Another MusicFest? in the opinion of the festival-goers at the most recent first annual Invermere MusicFest absolutely! The Columbia Valley Arts Council was thrilled with the number of people who enjoyed the evening of music, beer, food and great company. An unbelievable success for our first annual festival.

An untimely rainshower at 4 p.m. probably deterred people from attending and that was just plain bad luck. Maybe there are too many events to choose from, but better that than too few. And yes, the locals tend to wait until the last minute to purchase tickets or commit to attending. This is something all Columbia Valley event planners struggle with, but we have faith that the crowds will arrive. And when they dont, well, they missed out on a special event and a great party!

The Columbia Valley Arts Council will host a second annual Invermere MusicFest next year. Mark your calendars now for Sunday, August 3rd. We plan on bringing in world-class talent, supporting our local talent and providing another fun waterfront music festival on the Kinsmen Beach greenspace. And for those of you who missed the festival this year commit!

Jami Scheffer

CV Arts