By Steve Hubrecht

Invermere is warning most of its residents to not drink the municipal water. 

On the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 25, municipal employees went door to door throughout Invermere, handing out notices that a boil water advisory is now in effect for all neighbourhoods of Invermere except for the Pineridge, Westridge and Castlerock subdivision.

The advisory is a precautionary measure, issued following a break in the district’s water main.

The district emphasized that municipal tap water should not be used for drinking, making infant formula, washing fruits or vegetable or brushing teeth. If you need water for these purposes, boil it at a rapid and rolling boil for at least two minutes before using it.

The advisory outlines that adults and teens can still safely shower with municipal water (as long as they don’t swallow it) and older kids can be showered with a handheld shower head, but younger kids (who are more likely to swallow water) should be sponged bathed instead of bathed in a tub.

The water is still fine for hand washing.

The advisory will be in effect until further notice.