Dear Editor:

Is it possible to produce fertile soil from the sandy loam which predominates in Invermere? I suggest it is.

Although there are a number of us living here who compost regularly, there is always room for improvement. By the way, cheers to the landlords on 12th Avenue, Invermere, who provide their tenants with composters in their backyards. The soil around those black plastic containers is black and rich in nutrients. Composters are inexpensive and deter bears from making our vegetable refuse into their lunch. Those of us with homes should seriously consider obtaining one. Apartment owners could do the same or citizen groups within the buildings could get together and make composting a habit.

Next, leave the grass on the lawn. Grass cuttings left on the ground will nourish the grass and retain rain water.

While were on the subject, dare I bring up doggy doo? Most dog owners in the valley are very conscientious about picking up their dogs excrement. And while I certainly appreciate not having to dodge yucky stuff on the sidewalk, could I suggest a better way of handling the stuff? Instead of depositing the plastic bag in a garbage can, dig a hole in your garden, tip out the natural fertilizer and bury it. Dispose of the plastic bag or reuse it. Although we sometimes hesitate to use manure in our gardens, preferring chemical fertilizers, in fact natural cycles are highly effective with far fewer side effects.

Living in Invermere is like living in paradise in many ways. Any little bit of help we can give it to remain productive for the next generation is a small price to pay for that privilege.

Elizabeth Lester, Invermere