In response to complaints about unpleasant tasting tap water, the District of Invermere has been conducting tests of its water throughout the summer.

“It is partway done,” said Invermere chief administrative officer Chris Prosser about the testing.

The work is being carried out by Urban Systems and will likely wrap up sometimes in the next few months with a report expected later this fall.

The contractors have sent a limnologist to visit the district and samples have been taken every week throughout the summer.

The only small hitch in the testing has been that users of Invermere’s water system haven’t been grumbling about it as much as they usually do.

“We’ve had really few complaints this year about water taste and odour; none, in fact, as of last week, which is surprising,” said Mr. Prosser, adding that Urban System had hoped to come to Invermere and do testing right after a complaint, or preferably several complaints, in order to pinpoint the problem.

Mr. Prosser added that the higher temperatures recently experienced in Invermere may have an effect on the water and that complaints about the water may be yet to come this summer. “We’re waiting to see what happens with it,” he said.

In the meantime, more sampling will continue, giving Urban System some data to built its report on. The report is expected to appear before council likely sometime in October.