Dear Editor:

I read the article about the deer poaching problem in Invermere, and wonder if its not simply a case of people protecting their property from the destruction of the deer.

When the powers that be will not or cannot provide protection for property owners, then no one should be surprised that they will do it themsleves, law or no law.

Perhaps one answer could be to bring a class action against the Invermere Deer Protection Society for aiding and abetting the destruction of private and public property. All those who have suffered financial loss due to the deer could tally up their costs and submit it for compensation.

There was a picture in the Pioneer a while back about a broken tree, accusing vandals. Did anyone consider that it was the deer? We have had that happen to us. We have a problem and it has to be addressed. It is only going to get worse.

Len Burkitt

Invermere, B.C.