Dear Editor:

On a recent visit to my doctor, I had a few questions for her about blood work. The conversation progressed to blood donations in the East Kootenays. I was surprised to hear that the closest donation facility is located in Calgary, Alberta. We often hear about the lack of blood supplies available for our hospitals. Why wouldnt they take advantage of the population of the East Kootenay to hold a blood drive or even have a permanent Blood Services donation point located in a central location. I was told that in years past a mobile blood donation vehicle would travel throughout the Kootenays collecting donations what a great idea. I wonder why this service stopped?

Blood is the gift of life and unfortunately the need is always greater during the holiday season. Im sure there are many people in the Columbia Valley who would be happy to donate. You never know if youll need the service but if you do, it would be nice to know its there for you. I would be happy to donate to help someone in need and Im sure the feeling is mutual throughout our region. Not sure what can be done, but Im sure someone out there knows. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Dave Lister