Taxation is theft read a Cheers & Jeers entry in the May 13th Pioneer.

I am staggered at such a display of ignorance. Might I suggest that the person responsible for that submission no longer have available the services of fire, police or ambulance. They should be prohibited from driving on any maintained road, their children excluded from school and any and all government services withheld.

Our taxes of all types, generally, come back to us in many beneficial ways, and to deny authorities of a legal tax revenue would be to no ones benefit. The list of services noted above are paid for by our taxes.

OK, we probably, all of us, object in some ways to the way our governments, at all levels, spend our money, but and it is a huge but they, the governments, are elected bodies. Elected by us, accountable to us and, by and large as much as I hate to admit it, they do a pretty good job. You might like the way the Harper government spent our money, you might prefer the Trudeau set of priorities. We who chose to vote put them in power, and we vote them out if we think they fail.

We have a duty to pay taxes. We should pay the fair amount and make sure we let the authorities know what is fair. Object to oil subsidies if you dont like them. Object to military expenditure if you deem it unfit. Call for more spending on health, welfare and education if that is your cause.

Make your governmental representatives at all levels aware of your dislikes and congratulate them for a job well done. Jeer them and cheer them.

Do not withhold your taxes otherwise you are the thief, thieving from every tax-paying member of society. Oh, and by the way, if you refuse to vote, then shut up. If there is no person or party you approve of, then turn out and tender a spoiled ballot, but at least turn out.

Tim Gould

Fairmont Hot Springs