Dear Editor:

I was stunned and embarrassed for our community after reading a recent Jeers posted in The Pioneer. This person made a misinformed and therefore ignorant remark about the supposed unfair hiring of foreign workers.

Although I cannot comment on the many local businesses who hire foreign workers, I am able to relate my experience of hiring a foreign worker, which will hopefully educate the above-mentioned individual.

Due to some unfortunate events in my life I found myself in the position of needing to hire a live-in caregiver for myself. None of the locals I knew of could or would do this work. Because of a federal government-sponsored foreign worker program I was able to hire a woman who was already in Canada, ready and able to work for me.

The terms of her employment with this program are mandated by the government agency. They tell me what to pay her and also make me pay her monthly deductions which she later reports when she files her tax return. We both had to commit to a 4-year term of employment which is, unfortunately, about to end.

She left her family and husband behind to work for me. Even though her wages are meagre, her kind and generous spirit move her to send money and gifts back to her homeland. Now she is saving up to continue her education here in healthcare.

Many of her group of friends are very well educated in their country. I know a nurse, dentist, lawyer, midwife, physiotherapist, accountant, and IT specialists who are her friends. They all pay taxes, by the way.

I can also count them as friends and know them to be loyal, kind, compassionate, hardworking individuals who are looking for their dream in our country. They embrace our customs and support local traditions, only to be criticized by some small-minded individuals.

I would not hesitate to hire a foreign worker, if need be. After all, didnt all of our families come here as foreign workers?

The excellent work ethics demonstrated by these workers far outweigh the entitled attitude of the bitter Jeers contributor!

Anne Newhouse