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Sonia Waldie (left) of Grande Prairie and Alex Weller from Invermere display the Pioneer on August 18th in Glarus, Switzerland.

Nadia and Todd Gates celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary at Paradise Cove in Waikiki on September 9th.

Chris & April Williams pose in front of the Silverwood Amusement park in Athol, Idaho on September 8th.

Adam Fitzpatrick, Jason Grosskopf and Evan Dyson pose for a sunset shot in Bali, Indonesia on October 1st.

Justice Lapointe and her grandpa Chuck Newhouse get ready for the Justin Bieber concert in Calgary on October 12th.

Jim Bonny poses by the caribou sculpture on August 20th in Carcross, Yukon Territory.

Hugh and Gail McQueen pose with a copy of The Pioneer in London at the Paralympic Games as they get ready to watch their grandson, Alister, compete in the 100 and 200 metre running races and the javelin event.