Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality continues to move forward with its Official Community Plan (OCP), with Jumbo council having made changes to the OCP and then given an updated proposed bylaw on the OCP first reading during a special meeting last week.

An initial OCP bylaw had already received first reading at a previous Jumbo council meeting, but that reading was withdrawn so that the changes could be made and the newly updated bylaw given first reading at the Wednesday, April 1st special council meeting.

“As the final working designs for the resort are prepared by Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd., they have made some minor changes that need to be reflected in the OCP maps. A small number of the single family lots were removed from the plan, for instance,” said Jumbo mayor Greg Deck, speaking after the meeting. “They really were minor changes, in my opinion.”

Deck added that council had made the changes and gave the updated bylaw first reading at a special meeting in order to allow the maximum time possible for consultation, since the next regularly scheduled council meeting was not for another three weeks.

“As we have in previous years, we have also prepared an updated five-year financial plan. It looks a lot like last year’s plan, with the additional revenue source of five parcels of land that are now on the assessment rolls,” said Deck.

Council also approved the March cheque register during the special meeting, which had a total amount of more than $7,000. The largest item on the register was the more than $4,300 the municipality paid in fees to Murdy and McAllister, the Vancouver-based company that represents the municipality in the ongoing legal petition against the provincial government’s decision to incorporate the municipality, launched by the West Kootenay EcoSociety more than two years ago.