Proponents of the proposed ski resort in the Jumbo Valley are petitioning Minister of Environment Mary Polaks decision to decline the renewal of an environmental assessment certificate for Jumbo Glacier Resort at the Supreme Court level.

“Our legal advice is not to comment on matters before the court,” said Glacier Resorts Ltd. senior vice-president Grant Costello in an email to The Pioneer on Monday, December 28th.

Glacier Resorts Ltd. has filed documents with the BC Supreme Court that highlight a controversial personal relationship between Ms. Polak and Ktunaxa Nation chair Katherine Tenesse, suggesting it may have hindered the projects development. The resorts proponents allege that the duos friendship could have influenced Ms. Polaks decision to declare Jumbo Glacier Resort as not substantially started, therefore causing the resorts environmental assessment certificate to lapse, on June 18th, 2015.

Ms. Polak had previously stated that the projects certificate wasnt renewed because the resort wasnt substantially started, as required by law, by October 12th, 2014.

The petition is requesting a judicial writ that orders Ms. Polaks decision be quashed and set aside, and that declares Jumbo Glacier Resort as a project that had completed enough of the proposed work as of October 12th, 2014. It is also seeking that an Environmental Assessment Certificate in connection with the Jumbo Glacier Resort be declared in good standing and in full force and effect. Alternatively, the petition requests a review of the substantially started decision in accordance with directions from the Supreme Court.

Lastly, Jumbo Glacier Resort has asked for an order that the decision be stayed pending the courts determination of the petition, in addition to costs and such further and other relief as this Court deems just.