Dear Editor:

Where is the feedback from Jumbo Glacier Resort (JGR) proponents? With the substantial start determination going against further development of this highly controversial project, opponents feel like weve won a huge battle in the war against Jumbo. But, hang on.

It seems to me that the proponent is quite happy to roll over silently and take it. What follows is purely speculation, but the more I think this over, the expiry of the Environmental Assessment (EA) certificate could be the best thing to happen to the resort.

When the B.C. government created the municipality of Jumbo (in spite of the fact it has zero citizens, zero infrastructure and zero tax base to support itself and completely sidestepped democratic process with the appointment of a so-called mayor (all the while funding it with taxpayer dollars), they also proposed legislation that stipulated ski hills and LNG facilities would not be required to go through the arduous EA process.

Fast forward to late June 2015. The proponent has their EA certificate expire, they go back to square one, reapply to construct the resort with the added bonus of not having to endure another rigorous EA application.

I believe what we are seeing is more smoke and mirrors between the proponent and the government. How sweet it must be for JGR to reapply to construct this resort, with no due process to follow and a gift-wrapped municipality and taxpayer-funded subsidies already in place. This is Liberal politicking at its finest.

Buckle up Jumbo opponents… were just getting started.

Steve Tersmette