Dear Editor:

Not all dogs play well with others!

I am a fairly new resident to Edgewater and, like many, have a family dog that I love with all my heart and enjoy walking him in this beautiful country. I am not against dogs being off leash. I personally do not allow my dog off leash in the township for a variety of reasons; others seem to feel differently. If youre going to allow your dog to run or walk off leash in the township, please carry a leash in case you run into someone who has their dog on a leash. I cant count the number off times I have had to modify my way home to avoid one, two and even three dogs running off leash with their owners for the safety of myself and my dog.

The law states that you must be in control of your animal at all times and, if youre not, you can be subject to a injury lawsuit, vet bills, etc. Not all dogs play well with others. I could be seriously injured, as well as my dog or someone elses dog, if there is an incident. I shouldnt have to worry about my safety and the safety of my dog while walking throughout the township.

Even the most obedient, well-trained dog cant be trusted off leash when approaching another dog on a leash, and more than one dog constitutes a pack and they behave accordingly.

So please, if youre going to have your dog off leash, please carry a leash to avoid the possibility of an attack and the repercussions that could follow so everyone in the township can enjoy a pleasant and uneventful walk.

Thank you,

Tammy Gould