Dear Editor:

I am writing to comment on the surprise move by the provincial government to amend the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The act to protect agricultural land was implemented in the early 1970s. It was a visionary move that is the envy of countries worldwide. We couldnt duplicate it today. Its not our pension, but it is our food basket security.

Climate change forecasters say that B.C. will be the recipient of more precipitation. Drought plagues the southwestern U.S., their food basket!

We must protect our agricultural potential. Kill Bill 24! This bill is bankrupt in terms of vision. It may serve a few private individuals, but it certainly wont serve the larger community of B.C.

Agriculture grows jobs and small business that are the backbone of our economy from generation to generation. There is no downside; the government should leave the ALR alone. It is working very well and it does not need fixing.

Helen Eldstrom