Dear Editor:

Its been a year. Often the anniversary of a dire surgery means an in memory notice in the paper. By Gods grace and with your love and support, I instead have this as a time to say thank you.

My daughter Crisdon, who was diagnosed with ameloblastoma three years ago, is well into a time of recovery from the jaw-removal-leg-bone-transplant surgery of which I could hardly speak of last year (Pioneer article in December 31st, 2010, issue).

She has a few more surgeries to go, but we wouldnt be where we are today without the kind people of the valley.

I had energy and strength because you gave it to me.

Regular daily things that seemed insurmountable were taken over by you: home-cooked food and groceries arrived at the house; drives to appointments; payment and donations for household bills; laundry; taking my grandkids for sleepovers; staying with them so they could be in their own beds when we were off to see yet another specialist; house and yard cleaning; being with us advocating to politicians and systems for rule changes; handling the fundraised money; and dragging me out to play, to have some laughter and distractions.

I wonder if you have any idea how much your hugs, prayers, and kindness meant to me. Often I couldnt speak but you just poured your faith, love and caring into me anyway.

And the fundraisers you gave and gave and gave to us.

My prayer is that you never have to know what our neighbourhood will do when a crisis hits. But if you do, if youve had the kind of support I have had, then you know as I do the amazing feeling of being blessed with having the valley as my home, my community, my family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Crisanna MacLeod