Dear Editor:

On the night of Friday, December 20th, a gathering of our local children, home for Christmas break, took place at our home. When it was time to leave, we had the misfortune of a vehicle sliding off the road and rolling several times down the bank in front of our home.

After calling 911, the BC Ambulance Service and Invermere Fire Rescue were on the scene. Assessing the situation, paramedics were down over the bank and helping the one individual who was pinned under the truck. The rescue team deployed a game plan which entailed securing the vehicle and an over-the-bank rescue.

I have written this letter to not only give praise and a big thank you to all of the teams involved, but to bring awareness and highlight the professionalism that took place that evening. Our valley is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team of paramedics, fire and rescue, and police.

From the initial assessment to setting up the over- the-bank rescue, and an eventual safe trip to hospital by paramedics, it was totally flawless. We do have very professional fire and rescues and paramedic teams here in the valley. And the story has ended happily, with no serious injuries to any of the four occupants.

On a side note, alcohol was not a factor just slippery conditions and some bad luck on their way home. Happy Holidays to all!

Al and Lucy Miller