By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

The ever-changing lineup of La Cafamore ensures fresh performances upon every visit to the valley, and for their upcoming performance next weekend, the classical musicians will form a string trio.

La Cafamore will be bringing the Slavic Strings Trios to the Pynelogs Cultural Centre on Saturday, May 24th at 7:30 p.m. a building they believe is occupied by some ghostly guests.

I am looking forward to playing at the delightfully haunted Pynelogs again, said violinist Carolyn Cameron, who wouldnt elaborate on her ethereal outlook.

Angela Snyder will also be on violin, alongside viola player Alexis More. The three will be delivering a gypsy-style classical journey through the works of Beethoven, Kodaly and Dvorak.

Music by Dvorak lends the feeling youre playing along with a gypsy group, Ms. Cameron said. Theres a similar flavour with Kodaly, but his pieces sound a little more modern.

He taps into natures sounds, she said, adding that some even have sounds adapted from birds singing.

Ms. Cameron said gypsy tunes never became overly popular in North America, unlike the similar sounding Celtic genre. The style of violin you would expect to hear at a fancy restaurant is similar to the gypsy style, said Ms. Cameron.

We pick the most well-known works, she said. These are the major works for a string trio. Ms. Cameron said listeners dont have to love classical to enjoy the performance.

What a lot of people appreciate about our shows is that we try and explain a bit about the music.

Between songs, La Cafamore speaks about their interpretation of each piece, or what the music meant to the composer.

When you come out of the show youll understand classical a little better, said Ms. Cameron. We try and make it an experience where you learn something, even if youre not a big fan.

Tickets cost $15 for adults and $12 for students and seniors while children under 12 are free; and can be purchased in advance at Pynelogs and The Book Bar.