By Stephanie Stevens

When a perfect storm results in a win it is a beautiful thing.

But when that storm blows in favour of the competition, not so much.

The Columbia Valley Rockies hosted the Kimberley Dynamiters in Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena on Friday, Feb. 2, but it was anything but beautiful.

A lack of discipline against a strong team saw the final score 9-3 in favour of the Nitros.

“I think we’ve been in close games lately but we haven’t been totally playing the right way and it all came to a head on Friday,” said associate coach Tucker Braund. “It’s good for us … a big blow out … we can look at that and say no one played well, we all have things we need to be better at. Team discipline is big especially when Kimberley has as good of a power play as they do. We can’t take penalties if we can help it and we can take major ones for sure.”

That lack of discipline also showed in too little support for netminder Nate Glenn, who is just back from two weeks off recovering from a concussion.

“We started the second period well and scored, had a big hit and then one versus three for them turned into a goal,” Braund explained. “We can have those step backs after goals.”

Scoring in the second was Bryan Kim (assists from Wyatt Wurtz and Kobe Mason) and two late third period goals were courtesy of Gage Sather (assists from Johnny Lozeman and Oleg Bitus) then Bitus (assists from Wurtz and Luke Hamilton).

The boys are back on the road this Friday (tomorrow) in Golden and Saturday in Kimberley. “We will have a big week this week and get back to some areas of practice we haven’t touched on for a while,” said Braund. “Some basics … and we will be much better this coming weekend.”

The next home game is Friday, Feb. 16 against the Golden Rockets. 

The last regular season game for the Rockies is against the Rockets in the Golden barn.

Steely-eyed Justin King of the Rockies watches the action against the Kimberley Dynamiters in the Eddie Feb. 2.