“It was great to learn more about Lake Windermere and a little bit of its history. I enjoyed the view, the wildlife, and the company. It was almost like a tour with an added science experiment,” reports our volunteer of the week , Kaori Maruyama. While waters were a little choppy this morning, our crew managed to take samples at all stations on the lake. Noteworthy results from today’s trip include an increased temperature of the lake. As summer and the heat it brings carries on, the temperature of Lake Windermere has steadily increased over the past month. On June 12th, our first sampling of the season, the lake’s average temperature hovered around 16.7 ?. Today, however, on July the 11th, the temperature was about 21.5 ?. The warmth of the water is nice to enjoy, and the recommended objective set by the Ministry of Environment for Lake Windermere is 25 ?. It’s important to understand that warm is not always welcome for water, as this can lead to poor conditions for aquatic and human health alike.