Average Water Temperature:  21.7 °C

Average Water Depth: 3.6 m

Average Turbidity: 0.80 NTU. Turbidity (cloudiness) usually ranges from 0 to 10 NTU but can get into the hundreds in times of high flow, flooding, etc.

Average Dissolved Oxygen: 8.3 mg/L. Levels of dissolved oxygen between 4 and 15 mg/L are 

generally needed for fish to thrive.  

Average pH: 8.29

Glassy, deserted waters and hazy skies lent an eerie atmosphere to the lake this morning. The water was crystal clear though – 0.80 NTU makes for our lowest average turbidity of the season so far.

Thank you to this week’s citizen scientist volunteer, Travis Lee, who runs Blade and Bough Lawn Care around the Valley. Lee is an Edmonton native who has been coming to the Valley since he was a kid, and has just made it his permanent home!

To join the Ambassadors out on the lake on a Tuesday morning this summer, please contact Alyssa at 250-341-6898 or via email at intern@lakeambassadors.ca.

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors would like to thank the Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Valley Community Foundation, Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund, Real Estate Foundation, BC Gaming Grants, District of Invermere, Regional District of East Kootenay and community donors for supporting our 2021 programming.