Average Water Temperature: 17.3 °C

Average Water Depth: 3.7 m

Average Turbidity: 1.07 NTU. Turbidity (cloudiness) usually ranges from 0 to 10 NTU but can get into the hundreds in times of high flow, flooding etc.

Average Dissolved Oxygen: 8.2 mg/L. Levels of dissolved oxygen between 4 and 15 mg/L are 

generally needed for fish to thrive.  

Average pH: 8.30

Thank you to our citizen scientist volunteer, the lovely Dalia Ciobanu, who recently retired to Windermere from Airdrie. Dalia is a nature lover, birder and great photographer, but also a huge metalhead!

Today marked the last day of lake sampling for the Lake Windermere Ambassadors’ summer staff! We’ve had an amazing time out on the lake this summer, and it’s been an honour to look after the lake on your behalf. We’re very grateful to have met and worked alongside so many of the Valley’s most awesome residents, especially those of you who joined us in the boat! With the summer staff leaving, the Ambassadors will need your help on a Tuesday morning even more this September! To join Shannon in the boat, please email [email protected] or phone (250) 341-6898.

We would like to thank the Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Valley Community Foundation, Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund, Real Estate Foundation, BC Gaming Grants, District of Invermere, Regional District of East Kootenay and community donors for supporting our 2021 programming.