Submitted by the Whiteway Ambassadors

The Lake Windermere Whiteway, Lake Lillian Whiteway and Johnson trails have been operating in full force the past month. With the weather we’ve had in January, it feels as though we’ve been skating on a roller coaster as opposed to a lake. However, our fantastic team of Whiteway operators have been out navigating the storms in full force. From dusting after a windstorm, to plowing the skating trail before the warm weather so the ice can melt into perfection, these guys are magicians. Thank you for all your hard work out there, Brad and Paul! 

Considering the rough start we had at the beginning of the season with a layer of water below the ice, the Whiteway Skating trails have smoothed out after the warm weather. However, like always there are some areas of caution due to cracks in the ice, bumps from cars driving over etc. Special Areas of caution include the Windermere beach area, which is quite bumpy. 

We are halfway through the 2022 Whiteway Winter Challenge, which is a community lead challenge where teams and individuals work to achieve their goal distances throughout the Whiteway season. This year the virtual community expedition is heading South, as we skate, ski, run, walk, skip, and get pulled by our dogs, towards Antarctica. Together, the Winter Whiteway Expedition has traveled a total of 4962.84 km and as we speak, are moving our way across Central America. If my calculations are correct, we’re roughly about 11,702 km from teaching penguins how to skijor! 

Up to date conditions can be found on our Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club Facebook page, or by using our new Nordic Pulse App. The app shows up to date conditions of the Whiteway skating trails and all the Tri-Area Nordic trails in the Valley, which includes the Toby Creek Nordic Club, Panorama, and Nipika Resort trails.

We encourage the community to get out there, have fun, and play safe!