Submitted by Lake Windermere Ambassadors

Average Water Temperature: 17 °C
Average Water Depth: 4.45 m
Average Turbidity: 1.28 NTU
Average D.O.: 11.3 mg/L
Average pH: 8.5

 It is starting to feel like summer out on the lake! Anyone take a dip this weekend? This week we were paying special attention to the turbidity (cloudiness) of the water with the high water levels in the creeks; however, the water in the lake has remained very clear. 

Fancy being the first citizen scientist of the year? The Ambassadors are once again looking for volunteers to join us in collecting samples out on the boat. We have Covid safety protocols in place. To join the Ambassadors out on the lake on a Tuesday morning this summer, please contact Alyssa Taburiaux at (250) 341-6898 or [email protected]. 

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors would like to thank the Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Valley Community Foundation, Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund, Real Estate Foundation, BC Gaming Grants, District of Invermere, Regional District of East Kootenay and community donors for supporting our 2021 programming.