Dear Editor:

In your January 4th, 2013 letter re: Jumbo, the local NDP candidate seems to have subscribed to Neil Postmans view that If politics is like show business, then the idea is not to pursue excellence, clarity or honesty but to appear that you are and the performance he has offered gives the appearance he is vying for an academy award.

In his theatrics he attempted to tell us that there is a Jumbo land grab by BC liberal insiders, yet offers absolutely no reference to any fact that would substantiate his claim. He grandstands by trying to have us believe that 75 emails supporting his land grab claim constitutes a majority of people in a riding with over 24,000 eligible voters and a general population double or more that size.

He then attempts to bring clarity to his land grab theory by citing a conversation he had with representatives of a local rod and gun club stating that not one thought it was a good idea. Yet when I spoke to the same rod and gun club, only one of their members brought the land grab issue up, and that individual was a disciple of the NDP candidates land grab conspiracy team .

While the NDP candidate continues to campaign on what seems to be a single issue platform, I continue to receive calls from constituents who are frustrated with issues that they face in their daily lives, issues that I am helping find solutions for after they have been told by the NDP candidate that there is nothing I can do to help you.

I have staked my campaign on accomplishing what an effective MLA should do: to help people create measurable outcomes and solutions to those issues that affect their lives and families.

I am honoured to be the candidate who stands with the majority of citizens in this area who believe in maintaining our provinces strong and vibrant free

enterprise economy; an economy that continues to create sustainable jobs and careers. I am excited to be the candidate striving to achieve an environmental policy that is practical, balanced and reflective of all people, not just special interest groups. I am committed to be the candidate fighting for principles that make our families prouder, stronger and better.

Doug Clovechok, BC Liberal Candidate

Columbia River Revelstoke Riding