Robert Larrabee has been performing since the early 1980’s in shows like Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, An Evening With The Legends, and as a young man in Celebrations Dinner Theatres across Canada, as well as touring bands as a front man. 

He’s been fortunate enough to perform in Sydney, Australia, London England, the USA, and Canada coast to coast. Larrabee also wrote and recorded three original Nashville albums, which was a life-long dream of his, but his favourite artistic outlet has always been performing live. With decades of experience making people laugh, clap, and cheer, he finds it’s still being in front of his audience that gives him the greatest sense of satisfaction. 

“It’s been almost 40 years of performing, and it’s still the most satisfying thing I do,” he says. “For a few hours a bunch us of don’t have a care in the world. For a few hours we’re kids again reliving and remembering the greatest music, and performers of our generation, for a few hours, it’s magic,” he reminisces. “My voice is strong, the improv and banter with the audience is still wonderful, we’re still singing, laughing and having a good time together, I look forward to every performance.”

Larrabee’s show will be at the Invermere Legion on Friday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Oct. 22  and will feature legends of classic country and rock & roll. It will also feature a new tribute to Freddie Mercury (of Queen), and of course lots of wardrobe changes and ending with The King Elvis Presley. Tickets are on sale now at the Legion. Don’t miss Robert Larrabee Live at An Evening With The Legends.