Dear Editor:

Since last week’s Project Information Open Houses regarding the Windermere Water Upgrade, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Much credit needs to be given to the long, complicated process work done by the RDEK representatives. I do understand the reason they have chosen the voting method over some other alternatives. Sadly however, and frustratingly, we property owners and tax payers who do not claim this as our principal residence, are informed that we cannot vote on the issues involved. We are also informed that we comprise 60 percent of the persons involved! 60 PERCENT! We are disqualified under the Local Government Act.

This is a very localized specific issue that involves everyone of us each time we turn on our taps and run water that Interior Health has been telling us for over ten years that is not good for us! I can’t help but think that in such a specialized case, IF there was a will, there would be a way to modify the act accordingly. I have met and appreciate the friendships of many genuine residents in this Valley. I have also experienced blatant antialbertanism! Is there an elephant in this room?

Irene Vanover

Windermere / Calgary