Dear Editor:

Jeers to me for letting the blond lady in the black car get me down to her miserable level the other morning in the Tim Hortons drive thru.

I absentmindedly drove through the order part (this happens sometimes, right?). I drove up and chatted with an employee who said, No problem. Still, three cars ahead of me it was all good! Until I stepped out of my convertible to receive my tea, Miss Black Car was yelling at me. Why didnt you order? Blah blah blah

I replied, Why dont you smile more… its ok. On and on she went. So I smiled at her and said loudly, You should smile more; it would go a long way! I happily received my tea, apologizing to the staff if their day was about to be ruined by the customer behind me. As I pulled away, Miss Black Car could not help herself but give me a blast with her horn. Well, up went my arm and she got the Ridge/Rogal kiss-my-ass salute that my father taught me. As I drove off and even before I arrived at work, it hit me.

I should have paid for her coffee; I should have paid it forward. Surely, it was not just me who ruined her mood; maybe she was tired (been there), stressed (been there), sick (been there), in pain (been there). Surely there had to be more to her misery. Miss Black Car lady, should we meet up in the drive thru again, your coffee is on me.

Teresa Rogal