Dear Editor:

The awful feeling thats in the pit of my stomach and the heartache that goes along with it is difficult to explain. How can our system fail so badly? Only Invermere land owners are allowed to vote on the deer cull! As far as I know, we all live in this wildlife corridor from south of Cranbrook to north of Golden. How on earth can 729 landowners from Invermere decide on the fate of these beautiful creatures who belong to no one. This valley is much coveted because it is a wildlife corridor and it is here for us all to enjoy and project.

It was in extremely poor taste that something as sensitive as the deer cull was voted on alongside a vote for a new community centre. What kind of a community are you building? What kind of example are you setting? May I suggest a poor one on both accounts? Your 729 votes mean nothing to me this is ludicrous!

For the past two months, I have personally visited every deer that I could find in the town of Invermere call it my own personal study. Not one deer was aggressive. Quite the contrary. They all moved away from me, including the bucks. I have counted about 75 deer (if I havent counted some twice). I believe this attitude of fearmongering is uncalled for! These are gentle, shy creatures not predators!

If you are afraid of these animals, it is in your own head. What I fear most has come upon me.

Many of us are here in this valley because we love the animals and choose to live alongside them. If you do not like the deer, you should definitely consider moving out of a wildlife corridor.

This is not the responsibility of Invermere council to decide what happens to the deer. Absolutely not!

The answer to this whole mess is so simple: grow up. Take responsibility for your own yard (in other words, put up a fence); quit being lazy and irresponsible; and stop passing your poor behaviour on to the town council to handle its not their responsibility!

Town council is not your mommy or daddy. Its time to make a decision to build a fence or not! It is up to you. You dont want your community to be boycotted because of your childish behaviour, do you? Remember, everyone around the world is watching.

Margaret Porcina