Dear Editor:

Before we vote on borrowing up to $5.6 million for a new community centre, we should ask some questions.

Do we need a new municipal office, library, and community centre? Will it help Invermere prosper? Could we instead improve existing facilities when needed? Are the facilities designed for two or three events a year? Can it be built for $300 per square foot?

What happens with the old facilities? What are the maintenance and operations costs for the new and old facilities? Are there other similar facilities in town that will suffer? Do we have other facilities in town that are under-utilized? Can existing empty private real estate space compete with the old District of Invermere space coming on the market?

Does this support the four sustainability guidelines set out in the Imagine Invermere document? Can the increasing number of people who are on fixed income afford this over the next 30 years? Who will use it and who is paying for it?

For the moment, ignore the shiny new building that would look great on the proposed site and ask questions. Lets put on our critical thinking caps and decide on how we want our money spent.

Dale Wilker