Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Arks letter Royal prefix has no place in Canada in the August 26th edition.

I recently had some veterans approach me and share their frustrations in regards to comments in his letter. First of all, the only reason a letter like his can be written and published is because veterans have fought, died, or become disabled in battle. Their sacrifices ensured that freedom of expression and freedom of the press would be maintained for us and him to enjoy.

Recent veterans of the Canadian Forces are deeply respected by us older veterans, and although some of them may not prefer the Royal prefix, thats fine and respected, as they paid their dues in service.

All people are entitled to their opinion; however, whats not respected is when civilians who have not paid their dues in service react so strongly in slamming the Queen, the country, and, whether its realized or not, slamming dedicated veterans for being proud to serve under a Royal banner.

Howie Williams