Columbia Valley resident Samson Boyer has officially

been confirmed as the local Green Party candidate

for the upcoming provincial election.

Last week’s edition of the Pioneer reported that

Boyer was seeking the nomination and, after the paper

went to press, the Greens formally selected the Columere

Park man to run in the Columbia River-Revelstoke

riding. The Oct. 24 election will be the second

kick at the can for Boyer, who represented the Greens

as an 18-year old in 2017.

“I’m really happy the Green Party has chosen me,”

Boyer told the Pioneer earlier this week. “The reason

I’m running is because I don’t feel we have anybody in

our riding who is really addressing climate change, or

addressing the youth, as much as they should. We are

facing a climate crisis that will directly affect the Columbia

Valley, especially industries such as tourism and

forestry. We need somebody who will think about and

act for the long-term future of our valley.”

In 2017 Boyer managed to garner the Greens almost

twice as many votes as the party had previously

managed in Columbia River-Revelstoke.

But he was quick to tell the Pioneer

he thinks that’s more a result of people’s

growing awareness of climate-related issues

rather than a personal reflection of

him as a candidate.

Boyer said he’s excited to be campaigning

for a second time, adding he

made plenty of mistakes the first time

around and that “three years later, I’ve

got a better head on my shoulders.”