By Camille Aubin
[email protected]

Locally produced by Wil Comrie, host and technical producer, and Brenna Shultz, executive producer, The Making of a Well Being podcast provides tips, tricks, theories, thoughts and tools to keep you motivated and feeling like your best.

After a day well spent at Panorama, where they both worked last winter, Shultz waved at Comrie in the parking lot and asked him how he was doing. The truth is that he wasn’t in his best mood at the time. The two decided to have lunch together to talk about it more, and realized that life could become increasingly challenging when you are dealing with a pandemic on top of everything else. In the midst of such chaos, they contemplated how they could find purpose once again. “We started coming up with things that would get us more motivated and excited,” explained Shultz. They shared a common desire to begin something new, something they would have to invest time and passion into: a podcast.

“I guess just being on that subject of trying to figure out what gives us a purpose and what makes us feel good. We thought, ‘I bet there’s a lot of people that want to feel that way and want to to feel good.’ There’s a lot of stuff that’s weighing on people these days. And so, we thought let’s make a podcast about the making of a well-being,” said Shultz. 

Comrie added that “sometimes it’s just time to take on something and deal with what’s in front of you, instead of laying down. Everyone’s had their punches and their blows the last year and a half. So this was our chance to tackle it in our way, our chance to really dig in and process what’s going on with us and help other people on the way too.”

The duo’s goal is to learn as many different techniques that help make them, and their audience feels better, then share them.

“Just take one thing from each podcast that can help you. You don’t have to make a whole podcast your new mantra of life. Just pick one thing that resonates with you and makes your day better,” explained Comrie to the Pioneer.

The first guess at The Making of a Well Being was Josh Dobbie, who went through episodes of anxiety, and shared his strategies to manage it. He helps others who deal with the same issue, and Dobbie had started a clothing company that supports mental health.

The second episode welcomed Pat Carrick, a local resident who does drum circles with others to help them express themselves and their different emotions. “This episode was about a tool to becoming an outlet. Let’s say, if you’re feeling pressure and need to release it, then maybe going to a drum circle could be something great for you,” explained Shultz. 

Future episodes will showcase executive coaches. “They’ll share great pieces of advice and strategies to reflect on how you’re doing as a person and what you can do to make yourself better,” continued Shultz.

Weekly episodes will be posted every Monday.  To find The Making of a Well Being on Instagram, search for @MOAWB or visit to listen to the podcast.