By Camille Aubin
[email protected]

Christmas is slowly approaching, and the holidays will be celebrated differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  as so much of 2020 was. The pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of several Christmas celebrations and fundraising activities.

None of this does deter Amanda Smythe, who hopes to raise funds to give a traditional meal or a Christmas tree package to local families in need. “This year has been extra tough on a lot of people with job losses, home losses, financial losses, and I think there are more than enough people around that could help out,” said Amanda.

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you: that’s because last year she launched her first annual Christmas Dinner Campaign. It was a big success as Amanda and her volunteers managed to give three Christmas dinners delivered to those in need. “Last year was just on a whim, and I decided that it was going to become a yearly thing for me now,” she explained.

Amanda has started her campaign even earlier this year. Her goal this time is to raise enough money to be able to provide a meal for ten families in need. In order to achieve her objective, Amanda solicits help not only to raise donations but also and to nominate families who need some support from the community. The package that families will receive for this dinner consists of a turkey for four persons, buns, potatoes, carrots, cranberries, pumpkin pie and more.

The purchase of a traditional dinner is $70, and a Christmas tree is $200. If you would like to participate in Amanda’s annual Christmas Dinner Campaign, donate via etransfer to [email protected].

So far, Amanda has already amassed funds for four dinners and a Christmas tree package. If there is a surplus, it will be donated to the local food bank. If you know a family that may appreciate extra help this particular year, Amanda Smythe can be reached through her Facebook page, by phone or text at 403-999-3334.