Dear Editor:

We are very disappointed to learn that a decision has been made to remove the Radium Hot Springs Lodge.

If this decision is final, then the next issue is the method of removal. In the past we have witnessed federally owned buildings demolished (destroyed) by heavy equipment, without regard for substantial salvage value.

The procedure involves the total destruction of all building materials then hauling it all by truck to the landfill. The cost at the landfill is huge, as is the cost for hauling.

Instead we believe the building should be dismantled by a qualified contractor and the cost recovered by the sale of the recycled lumber, plywood, doors, windows, etc.

Typically, these materials are sold for about 50 per cent of the cost of new. Many people would love to have access to these reusable building supplies.

Our hope is that park management will recognize and acknowledge their responsibility to us the taxpayers and to our environment. Do the green thing.

Barrie Hawes and Carol Gordon