Dear Editor:

Re: Boating regulation on the upper Columbia River.

After many years of public consultation, and through the support of a wide range of local stakeholder groups throughout the Columbia Valley, Transport Canada has published pending federal regulation, establishing a 20 horsepower limit for boats on the main channel of the upper Columbia River through the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area. This regulation is designed to protect the environment, wildlife and wildlife habitat in the world-renowned Columbia Wetlands.

This is the third, long-awaited and final part of a three-part regulation. The first two parts of the regulation were passed in 2009, designating the wetland portion of the Columbia Wetland Wildlife Management Area as non-motorized and eliminating waterskiing and wake-boarding from the main channel of the upper Columbia River.

Wildsight has worked over the years with many stakeholder groups to reach a compromise of 20 horsepower, which is designed to accommodate historic and common usage of the river while still providing environmental protection. This 20 horsepower compromise is widely supported. The regulation does not apply to either Lake Windermere or Columbia Lake. They will remain unaffected.

Wildsight understands that some people may wish the regulation was more restrictive and some people will think it is too restrictive. That is the nature of compromise. Wildsight celebrates this regulation and is proud of what has been accomplished by a diverse group of people working across sectors and traditional lines.

Robyn Duncan