Dear Editor:

This HST referendum is not about whether or not you dislike the B.C. Liberals; its about which tax system will be more beneficial for B.C. We should be looking at whats better for the future of our province rather than who our favorite politician is. It seems to be the trend that if you dislike the Liberals (or just Campbell), you have to be against the HST. That sentiment has a lot to do with Bill Vander Zalm and the NDP opposition.

There have been many incidents of misleading the public on all sides of this debate. However, a sign saying Fight HST is a lot more appealing and easier to understand than The HST will have beneficial effects in the near and far future and will maintain a source of solid revenue for our government in the coming years. The latter also does not fit on a pretty flashy sign.

I am against reinstating the PST for various reasons but they all come down to the HSTs beneficial impact on my future. The savings made by businesses due to the HST have been shown (in Ontario) to be passed on to the consumer. Dont take my word for it, look up Dr. Smart at the University of Toronto. Hes the Canadian expert on the impact of the HST and he found that two-thirds of the savings businesses made due to the HST were passed on to the consumer in the form of lower prices. Businesses are happy, and consumers are happy. Whats the problem? Political opportunism.

The only political opposition I understand against the HST is the way it was deceitfully brought in and implemented. But thats not what this referendum is about; if you dont trust the Liberals, dont vote for them in the next election. This vote has nothing to do with your faith in the present government.

Unfortunately, emotional appeal is on the side of the Fight HST group. And because of that appeal I am very sure the HST will be removed. My reason for thinking that is because people who are in favour of the HST or are indifferent to it will not send their ballot in.

Please look beyond emotional appeal and political games make an informed decision and take two minutes out of your day to mail in your ballot.

Tonie Minhas

Radium Hot Springs