Dear Editor:

When considering a new community centre, lets focus on the important word community. Last week, I returned from a trip to Kelowna and Langley where I visited family members. In the Mission area of Kelowna, the neighbourhood community centre had, as its most prominent sign, Library. Moving on to the Walnut Grove Community Centre of Langley, once again of prominence was the sign Library. Both libraries were bustling, able to offer a wonderful array of programs, and significantly enhanced the community centres in which they were based.

In Invermere, we have a talented, dedicated library staff who are doing the best they can to meet community needs in a very inadequate facility. Is Invermere lacking behind other communities in recognizing the importance of libraries in todays society?

A library is for everyone: it is there for every age group, all socio-economic groups and literary needs. It offers opportunities to advance in technological skill and, of utmost importance, the opportunity for personal growth in all areas of communication and the acquisition of knowledge.

Thinking of basic human needs, the library offers social companionship and a place in Invermere to feel welcomed, comfortable and enriched by the ideas of others. The library exemplifies the word community.

Please review all the programs that the Invermere library offers at your doorstep, the world awaits you that is what libraries are all about.

Rosemary Bradford