Eileen Madison Primary School (EMP) is one of 80 schools benefiting from the most recent round of provincial funding for the repair, improvement and replacement of playgrounds across B.C.

Out of $3.3 million that is being provided to 60 school districts, $25,000 is being granted to EMP for repairs to its existing playground.

“It’s awesome anytime you get funding to promote health and physical activity in your playground,” said EMP principal Lisa Tenta. “At this point we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do with it; we need to speak to our facility operations manager and move forward from there.”

“I’m sure we’ll come together with a plan,” she said. “Our playground is actually in decent condition so it’s exciting to see how it can be improved.”

This most recent funding is part of the final phase of an $8-million two-year program that has benefited a total of 227 schools province wide. The other recipient in the Rocky Mountain School District is Lindsay Park Elementary in Kimberley, which will receive $50,000 for the replacement of its existing equipment.