By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

A young man who heroically lost his life while saving a young girl from drowning in Windermere a year and a half ago was awarded a Carnegie Medal earlier this winter.

Calgary carpentry student Jonathan Stein-Palmiere, 20, was awarded the honour this past December. The medals are given out by the Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, and are viewed as one of the highest civilian honours in the U.S., although Canadians are eligible to receive them as well. 

Stein-Palmiere was visiting the Columbia Valley with his girlfriend and her family in May 2019. They were on the beach at Windermere when they noticed that 10-year old Peyton Jordan was floundering in the water after falling off her floaty. Stein-Palmiere was not a strong swimmer, but nevertheless charged into the water, grabbed Jordan and managed to push her close enough to shore that she could get to safety. During these efforts, Stein-Palmiere himself slipped beneath the surface and did not come back up. Others at the beach got him out of the water and tried to revive him but did not succeed. 

The Pioneer attempted to reach Stein-Palmiere and Jordan’s families (both live in Calgary) for comment on the medal, but was unable to reach either.