Dear Editor:

Your government is watching you, but who is watching your government? At one time, the mediaTV, radio and newspapersdid that job. Today, Canadian media are mostly a corporate monopoly. Media is now an advertising business. Just four private entrepreneurs own most of what Canadians watch, hear and read. In B.C., for example, one guybillionaire media baron and wannabe oil tycoon David Blackowns some 82 community newspapers, including the Valley Echo.

What happens when big business owns the information source of the masses? Look at the U.S. Their media is largely owned by the military-industrial complexa gang of military contractors and weapons manufacturers.

Since war profiteers acquired the media the U.S. has been at constant war. Aggressive news-gathering and investigative reporting have disappeared. Its now a death sentence to merely report U.S. war crimesas Wikileaks Juliuan Assange may find out. The U.S. media has shaped its population into the most misinformed, paranoid and armed people in the world. We are following.

Our media has just re-elected the most underhanded government in B.C. history. Thanks to the media, the BC Liberals paid no political price for scams such as BC Rail, BC Hydro, smart meters and the theft of Jumbo Glacier. My guess is media were too busy counting ad profits to bother reporting to the people. Corporate media never badmouths big advertisers.

A gang of media owners orchestrated Canadas last federal election. They left Canadians so well informed, hardly anybody showed up to vote. That was the plan: voter suppression.

Reporting on robocalls (voter fraud) has been almost completely suppressed. So is the fact that Stephen Harpers people with taxpayer-funded lawyers are fighting tooth and nail, doing everything in their power, to obstruct the investigations.

Meanwhile, the media consortium is pushing to get rid of the CBC. If we lose the CBC, were doomed.

Bryan Stawychny, Edgewater

Editors response: The Pioneer has no affiliation with the military-industrial complex. We try to keep our reporting accurate and relevant to our readers.