Dear Editor:

Regarding Cheryl Willards Letter to the Editor in the January 13th edition that called for media representation and transparency at the upcoming backcountry coalition meeting:

You are right on the money.

The Lake Management Program was built on propaganda that the lake was dying. That generated the support for Wildsight to run a program that at the end showed the lake wasnt dying, but succeeded in Wildsights aim to regulate everything from building to boating.

The same will happen in this backcountry plan if we allow only sanitized, Wildsight-produced media press releases.

Come on Invermere, how many more boarded up stores do you really need?

People have choices where to spend their money, and they arent going to spend money in an environment where they are made to feel like environmental marauders when they recreate in the backcountry.

Nick Berzins