A piece of the old will form part of the new, with the marble plaque in Invermere’s current community hall commemoratingthose who died in war slated to become part of the Columbia Valley’s new multi-use centre.

Construction on the new multi-use centre began earlier this spring. The centre is intended to replace the current communityhall, which was built decades ago as a memorial to those who lost their lives fighting in wars overseas.

“(The plaque) will be moving to the new centre,” Invermere mayor Gerry Taft told The Echo. “I believe it will have a space inthe lobby, and possibly there may even be an interpretive display with some photos and history of the old community hall. Itwill be a good way to recognize the volunteers and effort that went into creating the old community hall as well as the factthat it was a memorial to veterans who died in the wars. We want to commemorate that.”

This plan to honour the old hall is a good one, according to Windermere District Historical Society director Joy Bond.

“It’s important because it is a memorial to veterans in the wars who came from this area,” she said.

Discussion around building a new community centre began more than 20 years ago. If construction proceeds smoothly, thenew centre may open as early as summer or fall 2017.