Dear Editor:

By recalling the legislature Clark might possibly be making a Hail Mary play to hold onto power but Im sure even she sees the writing on the wall. Constitutionally and democratically however, it is the proper and correct thing to do. By testing the confidence of the legislature, Clark is recognizing the supremacy of that institution and the significance of each and every MLA as a voting representative of the people.

Clarks decision means she is not simply taking Horgan and Weavers word for it. There really is more to our legislature than the party leaders alone. We elected individual MLAs on election day, not just party leaders.

Thanks to Christy Clark each MLA will have a chance to vote and decide how the next government shall be formed. That is how it should be. That is the proper way to do it. That is true representative democracy in a party politics world.

Chances are each MLA will vote along party lines. Such is life and such is their choice. But what really matters is that they will get to vote and we will be represented by their votes.

More than likely it will be humiliating for Clark and she well knows it. She could have resigned and taken a much easier way out, but she is not. Good for her! Although I have despised many of her actions as premier, this one I honour because it is indeed honourable. Perhaps in fact, her most honourable. We should all give her that.

Chris Conway