Dear Editor:

(Re: The Pioneers November 27th Historical Lens.) I was raised in Radium and graduated from David Thompson Secondary School in 1958. My mother was the chairman of the hospital board when the Windermere District Hospital was built in 1957. Before that, the hospital was Pynelogs and then they built the new one. Back then, women were rarely on the board, let alone as chairman. Eileen Madson Primary School was named after her.

I remember many of the people in this photograph. From left to right (question marks mean Im not sure or dont know): Roy Lake, Dr. George Duthie?, Jim Chabot, ?, Audrey Thornton, Mrs. Barb Duthie, Larry and Mary Root, ?, ?, Dr. and Mrs. Coy, (maybe) Eugene Seel?, Wanda Seel, and the last three I dont recognize.

Diane Madson Lee