Dear Editor:

Im not sure who Area F Director, Wendy Booth, has been speaking to. Certainly not me, or those I know in Windermere. I wholeheartedly support secondary suites in this community for the following reasons:

1. In Windermere, they offer young people an affordable opportunity to live in.

2. Young families living here will help to maintain the viability of our school.

3. Affordable rents assist those saving to buy in Windermere, and help existing property owners to be able to purchase their homes.

4. Secondary suites allow for aging in place.

6. The regional district may garner more revenue as water service users increase.

I dont see a problem, as secondary suites help homeowners, home buyers, renters, the community at large, and the regional district. I wholeheartedly support this progressive move. Incidentally, I spoke to a local property manager who said not a single day goes by that there isnt a request for lodging in Windermere. It is the preferred choice for most renters.

Helen Eldstrom, Windermere