Dear Editor:

In reading your article in the issue this week (Letters section in December 2nd Pioneer), I noticed Tales of trees from the Valley.

Historically speaking, my Grandfather Fritz Trachsel for a time would go to Calgary yearly with Christmas trees that he cultured on his own land by horse and buggy.

In 1932, his family and four other families came to Canada from Switzerland to begin anew. My Grandad did some amazing things and subsequently my father accomplished as well.

Speaking little or no English, they learned broken English and pioneered the valley even though they were not born here. This became their home and they never looked back.

I encourage you to look at the Columbia Valley Historical Society to find more on this subject and to also find more info on the accomplishments of the other families who help build this wonderful Valley as well.

Thanks for your time,

Michelle Trachsel


(Windermere born and raised)