Dear Editor:

Re: Trailbuilder has court case deferred in the September 2nd Pioneer.

As someone who has hiked the Kindersley-Sinclair Trail many times, I have every sympathy for, and gratitude to, David Pacey for the trail clearing he has done in the park.

In every National Park we have visited lately, there remains much work to be done to repair and maintain the trail system that allows hikers into the backcountry. Fallen trees and overgrown trails are just some of the issues. Parks Canada is simply not doing the work, and if private citizens take it upon themselves to help out, then more power to them!

In my opinion, the Kindersley-Sinclair Loop is the crown jewel of Kootenay Park. It must be maintained and enhanced for locals and international visitors alike. I will be signing Mr. Paceys petition to the Ministry of the Environment calling for the repair of the trail system in Kootenay National Park and encourage others to do so as well.


Mary Perrott